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Week's Best Dressed: June 23rd 2013, part 1 - DRESSY.

Happy Sunday-almost-Monday. It was Election Day in Albania this Sunday the 23rd of June, and in 3 decades this is the first time I get to vote in my Home Country, something I have done 3 times already in the States. It was a New Experience for me.

I am doing things a little different this week. This is part one of Week's Best Looks where I am featuring Dressy Looks and by Mid-Week I will have the Casual Looks. I think this makes things easier for me to post (since this is a very time-consuming post) and for you to read (not as overwhelming). When people thing of Dressy, they usually think of Cocktail Wear, Little Black Dresses, a Businessy Work Look, Wedding Attire or such. But I think 'Dressy' is missunderstood. A pair of heels can dress up Shorts, Crops, a Denim Skirt, even Sweats. Even a material like Silk or Chiffon, Tulle or Lace can be Dressy, pretty much always. This reminds me of a Special Bachelorette Party for one of My Best Friends 4 years ago. Myself and her Cou…