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Spring Forward Black+White.

Today's post includes some of my most favorite photos I have taken with Vivian in the last few months. Like the one above (one of my top 2 favorites). Bonus that the photos were taken outside, under natural sunlight. Wish I had someone to snap pictures of my outfit outside too. I had to go back inside for some style blogger camera time lol. These pictures are a little older, but I could easily wear this dress without tights today, actually. I could probably add a light Military Jacket (IRL I am currently wearing one) or one of my Puffer Vests (come back here Friday March 6th to see one of those). It is in the upper 50s here today - sunny, pretty warm and beautiful. This Black+White Paisley/Floral Dress paired with Black Patent Leather Ballerinas, a Long  Silver+Beaded Necklace and some Long Silver Dainty Earrings plus Sunglasses (to keep the sun away) is a great way to Spring Forward into. That Peach+Mango Lemonade (I could drink one up this second) is perfect for a warm, early Sp…