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Thursday Moda #71: 4th of July Girls.

Hi. These photos are actually taken 2 days ago and these are the outfits we wore for 4th of July. As you see we kept it casual and in my case very casual. To tell you the truth, I thought about changing the outfit for the evening but I said "F... it!". The truth is, our evening plans were just as casual and laidback as our daytime plans. We went to see fireworks by the lake, we hopped on a boat for a little ride and also ate some yummy fro-yo (Vivian picked the pink and the green flavors lol which thankfully are some of our favorites too since the pink was strawberry and the green was pistachio). The outfit I chose consists of a few old pieces and some pieces from last year.
My Red Tank Top is old and was purchased several years ago in Toronto from the 'Jacob' store. Funny thing is the straps on the back end in these gorgeous chiffon bows and we all know how stylish and trendy bows are these days, especially on tops. The Chambray Shorts and Red Sandals were purchased …