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Purple with a Baby Pink Wrap.

Hello All. My first Saturday in over a month that I get to spend home. Well that's no consolation since I work all day tomorrow (a 13-hour day). Just thinking of the long day makes me not want to go to work ........grrrr. But besides my work tomorrow, most of the hours I will occupy reading blogs, deciding, preparing & posting my Week's Best Looks, etc. Well today I woke up late, as in around 11.30 AM. I got on the internet and did some reading (including blogs LOL). Then, I took a bunch of photos of my Christmas Tree & other decorations from this year's Holidays and I plan on doing a post on those soon. My husband was at work till around 3.00. As soon as he got home we went over his parents (who are our neighbors) & had lunch there: a classic Potatoes & Meat Albanian dish, a classic Albanian salad, Xaxiqi (a Greek Yougurt Sauce w/ walnuts, garlic, etc. - it was yummy) & we ended it with tangerines & pears as desserts. I am having a ton of fruits t…