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Little Verbs with a Lot of Meanings (about Myself). =)

Who Am I ?!...

I am... Albanian-American. I am not... a judgmental person.
I have... lived and loved so far, with all of my heart! I wish... to travel the world, all 7 continents and all 7 miracles of the world! I hate... ignorant, cruel, ungrateful people. I fear... fear itself (nothing is more scary than actual FEAR).
I hear... ...that there is an after-life and I somehow believe that.
I see... beauty everywhere around me, especially through Mother Nature, as well as Man-Made.

I search... for the perfect full moon, the perfect sunrise and the perfect sundown! I wonder... about the future and babies (my own children).
I regret... nothing much. I see regrets as life's little and big lessons.
I respond... well to kindness, generousity and big-hearted people. I love... my mom. She is an incredible woman, my beautiful angel, my role model. 
I adore... my husband and the way he makes me feel.
I ache... when I see evil-doing, unfairness, ugliness, hypocrisy, injustice and other malice things happen…