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Happy Blues and Greens. And the Ultimate, Little Photo-Bomber.

Happy almost Friday Beauties! Isn't the photo above the cutest? I wanted to pose and have Vivian pose similarly to me. She is always fascinated with the camera, especially when the light comes on. And she stares at me with happy, wonder eyes every time I photograph myself for the blog. The above photo is my most favorite out of all the pictures from that day. And as you will see below, Vivian was the ultimate photo-bomber that day. LOL Another thing Vivian loves to do is stand on top of beds, couches, chairs and at times jump up and down. This is actually quite dangerous as she may fall down and has fell down and hurt herself a couple of times. Though she still loves to stand she knows now (most of the time) to be safe and tries to hold on to the ledge or the arms of the bed or the sofa. Look at her above being her brave self and rocking a plaid tunic also, of course.
Yep, this picture is funny but I was still doing my thing and Vivian was doing her thing also, This cute outfit wo…