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Hot Pink Date Night.

Hi All, how is everything going? How has your weekend been so far? We had a quick and simple lunch at home (the two of us), watched the funny "The Whole Ten Yards" and now I am navigating Facebook, Blogger, posting this new post. I am also currently listening to Symphony 40 of Mozart. Listening to good Classical Music is awesome for the baby. Later on tonight, we will squeeze a simple drinks date with my husband, alcohol-free for me, of course. My husband doesn't drink much liquor either. Now as far as coffee goes... he drinks that drink like it is water, the heavy, real stuff too, Italian Espresso. LOL

Speaking of dates, in today's post, being the weekend and all, I am bringing you photos from a weekend summer date with my husband. It was a simple date which started with an early Fish Dinner at home, but I still wanted to look pretty and sweet. This sweetheart magenta dress with a bubble skirt, definitely makes me feel like a little girl. I added a pretty, glass-loo…