Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lemon, Cocoa and a Couple Blueberries.

Good Morning Lovely Ladies. I cannot believe it is already Thursday, middle of the week. This week has flown by. Yesterday my co-worker and fellow manager, whose office is next to mine, became a dad for the first time to a little baby girl named Liana. I guess it is my turn next, hmmm? 3 and a half more months and I think time will fly by. =) I talked to my mom for an hour yesterday. She has gotten me soooooooo many things for the baby. This is one lucky baby. My aunties got me gifts too. I am not having a Baby Shower (cause it is not a tradition in Albania - I wish it was) but in a way it's like my mom threw me a shower with all the stuff she has bought for me, for my little angel baby. =)

I love this cropped, fitted, Lemon-Yellow Blazer. It is such a nice, stiff material (not stiff in a bad way, stiff as it stays on crisp and as if you just ironed it). I cannot button it right now but it's still OK. I don't think I had ever paired this shade of yellow with periwinkle before but I do like this. I brought out the yellow of the jacket with my square earrings and flower ring. Sorry about the wrinkles on the pants. They wrinkle easily, as much as I love their silk-like material. Ohhh and once again you get a makeup-free Ada, today. And I still have a little Pink on (for Breast Cancer Awareness month), check out my Baby Pink loafers!

Periwinkle/Cobalt, Stretchy, Nylon Tank Top: White House Black Market.
Lemon/Yellow, Short-Sleeve, Cropped Blazer: The Limited.
Cognac/Brownish Cropped Pants w/ Removable Leather & Canvas Belt (it comes with): Koton.
Square-Shaped, Lime-Green Stud Earrings w/ Tiny Patterned Multi-Square Stones: Express.
Lemon Rhinestone, Flower-Shaped, Silver Ring: Meijer's.
Baby Pink, Faux Python Loafers: Micci's Shoes.