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Winter Holidays Home Tour 2016. Plus Linkup.

This Holiday/Christmas Home Tour is coming at you real late, since it is already a New Year and all and I am sure most of you have put away your Christmas decorations by now and I plan on doing the same, soon. For your information, I usually keep up my Christmas tree+decorations until January 6th. In the Christian religion, January 6th is considered the last or 40th day of Christmas, when the Christmas season ends and it is called the Epiphany day. I will probably take the decorations down on Saturday and Sunday this week. I took plenty of photos this year, like I did last year so there will be a part two of this tour and that will be on January 6th.
Today I will be sharing how I decorated the Christmas Tree which is the princess or is it prince of the holiday season and I will show you how I decorated our living room where the Christmas tree is located by the mantle. I will mostly let the photos speak for themselves, but I will pop in with some comments here and there. Enjoy!!
The Chri…