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Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I have never really been into Halloween, definitely not when I first moved to USA 13+ years ago. I have really gotten more into it the last 5-6 years, especially since I have gotten married. Whoever said Halloween is for children, was definitely mistaken. Yes, Halloween is one of children's most popular, most favorite holidays but it has become so for adults, as well. There are more Halloween parties year after year, especially from Mid-October until October 31st. The pricey costumes, the super-fun Halloween accessories, the high sales revenues at stores like Hallow Town, Party USA or Lover's Lane and such show us all that Halloween is probably the most celebrated holiday in the nation, second only to Christmas. And going all the way out, making sure you have a fun, new and interesting costume, makeup, wigs or whatever else necessary, year after year can make things expensive, however fun.

I didn't grow up with Halloween in Albania. It is after all an American tradition/h…