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Millennial Liberty.

Hi you all!! How is Winter where you live?! Do you fluctuate between -15 to 50 degree weather?! Welcome to Michigan where one week we have the polar vortex and you cannot even feel your lips and nose and the next it feels like Spring has sprung and you want to drink iced coffee. That is why I haven't blogged a lot because of our mostly-terrible and super cold weather. Who wants to shot outfits when is 20 degrees or less?! This outfit is from January. I wore it to a short day to work and after for lunch and playtime with Vivian. The day and weather was so nice that we even got her bike out and she rode it for a while.

MILLENNIAL   LIBERTY. I am titling this post "Millennial Liberty" because it refers to my outfit. I am wearing a very pretty Soft Millennial Pink Sweater from Banana Republic paired with a Matchy Sporty Millennial Pink Striped Belt from J. Crew. On the bottom I have a skirt from Gap (from a couple of years ago) that reminds me the famous Liberty Print you coul…