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Dress Week: Gray+White Stripes for me with a Touch of Red, White+Blue for Viv.

Hard to believe that today is June 30th which means the year is half-way over. Today is also the quarter-of-a-century Birthday of my first Cousin Gloria. Her mom is my mom's sister and Gloria is like a little sister to me. She is a great auntie to Vivian also so I wish her a Fabulous, Fantastic Birthday today as she celebrates it all week long on vacation with her fiance, parents and brother in Myrtle Beach (lucky her).

I am starting a Dress Week this week where I will be showing you New, never-seen-before Dresses. Since this week also marks the week of Independence Day and America's Birthday, a lot of my Outfits will be inspired by this Great Country and will have that Classy Americana, Nautical feel. Vivian has been making many absences on the blog lately. I tried to take some photos of her recently when I got dressed so you will see her in Dresses and Rompers, too.

We start off the week with a Simple, Super Casual T-Shirt Dress. I purchased it before the start of Summer last…