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Weekend Wants: A New Day at Target.

Another weekend, another shopping spree at Target. Their newest line "A New Day" which hit stores a few months ago (and it is replacing Merona) is so good. I still prefer "Who What Wear" the best at Target but if you haven't gotten anything from "A New Day" yet, I hope my post will convince you. I want to say that their simple tees, fitted crew-neck cardigans and pencil skirts are similar to Merona's, but the rest of the clothing from "A New Day" is pretty different. It feels more youthful than Merona. Women that work and women that stay-at-home can find items from this brand. 

They have sweatshirts, chenille sweaters+cardigans (lots and lots of cardigans: open oversized cardis, office cardigans, boyfriend cardigans, coatigans - you name it). Some of their dresses are casual, some are office-ready and there are a few that would be perfect for special events and Holiday soirees like the dress and jumpsuit in the collage below. This line ha…