Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Thursday Moda #200: Throwback - Milestones and a Pop of Yellow.

Today marks my 200th Thursday Moda Linkup and that in itself is quite a milestone, but it wouldn't happen without you all, so thank you so much for making this happen and joining my linkup every Thursday even if it seems like I have 'abandoned' you guys since in the last 6 months or so I haven't stopped often to comment, check on your blogs (but I do check on your Instagrams) or join your all's linkups. That has been due to computer problems at first and then just simply not having enough time and not being able to do it all. But 200 linkups is quite a milestone and I am thankful I still have some readers who are here and join this linkup every Thursday. It has been going strong for almost 4 years now, as a matter of fact on March 2nd 2016 was my very first Thursday Moda linkup and I introduced it a day after my new blog design and that post included a brand-new outfit head to toe. 

So it has been 47 months that I have been doing this linkup and if I remember correctly (I happen to have a very strong memory) I have only missed 3 Thursdays where I have not posted a linkup. But today here I am on NUMBER 200 and I will start by re-joining my own linkup today and I will make sure to link up my last 3-4 posts with all of your linkups starting today, this weekend and so on. Turning a new leaf, right before the very first month of a new year is over, after all January is a resolution month and even-though I made no particular resolutions for this year, besides keeping things into perspective, one of the things I definitely wanted to work on, was getting things more normalized on the blog, post more and start joining linkups, once again. 

Today I wanted to reminisce about the linkup and thought about doing a throwback of my very first Thursday Moda post when I introduced the new blog design and all the new changes too. However I used a different website to host my photos then and all the photos of the blog from that post and a couple of years prior to that have been lost (don't show up anymore) which sucks. So instead I am throwing it back to this nice semi-dressy Work Winter Outfit that belongs to my second Thursday Moda post from 4 years ago, with the pretty and very natural Winter Wonderland in the background. I happen to love this outfit and looking at this look, I am reminded to get out all of these pieces and wear them soon, again, especially those wool blanket scarves. What do you think? I think flared denim can make an outfit dressier and give it more flair (see what I did there?) than one that features straight jeans or skinny jeans, because they remind me of trousers. A pair of bootcut or flare jeans that are not distressed like mine can be worn in a casual work environment or for casual Fridays at work. I paired mine with the best-selling Lush cream/ivory tunic blouse by Nordstrom and layered on top with the black/grey/yellow colorblocked plaid blanket wool scarf also by Nordstrom, but to keep warm in the office and also outside for the photos, I added the grey wool poncho on top, which is a perfect layering piece to take on and off depending on how comfortable you feel. I have on some fun edgy little gold earrings and I accessorized with a mellow yellow woven leather clutch that brought out the yellow of the scarf. Last but not least I am wearing my oldest pair of black pumps, mine are a faux suede with the buckle detail and they are over a decade old from Payless. As you all know I am a bargain shopper but in a lot of outfits I mix more expensive brands with low-priced ones.

The following ladies were the first three outfits I featured as my favorite looks linked on my very first Thursday Moda Linkup.
Amber's "Wool Cape".
Sheree's "Spring Fling"
Katie's "Starry Night".

Thank you once again to everyone who linked up last week, though the linkup was light because I need to promote it, stop by your blogs, etc, etc. But I still want to thank the few of you who stopped by, commented and linked up. I still managed to find some cute looks I loved and I think a lot of you have Spring in mind - I hear you - because I saw so many adorable lavender pieces and lots of shades of purple. All of these outfits would be great to transition into Spring for.

Beautiful Darlene knows 'How to Style a Winter Pastel Outfit'. Darlene lives in a much warmer state but for us in Michigan this would be the perfect Spring outfit for the office: elegant, colorful, put-together and profess!
My friend Laura is also a Midwesterner and like me she loves pairing ecru or Winter White with different shades of camo and olive. She did a review on that adorable scrunched 'Camo Skirt' I would love to own and dress up!
Thank you for joining the linkup again, Gail! She professed 'Pink Boots Walk me to the Ballet' and her adorable ice-pink booties that match the dress, cardigan and bag beautifully did just that. In love with her look head to toe!
Tatiana tried an 'Experimental Look' and succeeded while doing so. The velvet midi skirt, the patterned sweater which is perfect for Winter and the classic camel coat - it all works!
In a monochromatic lavender look made of a mini skirt and a turtleneck sweater, Shelbee was 'Inspired' by two of her blogging buddies to DIY a little skirt with a frayed hem. Love that she chose street-style sneakers and added a dark shade of purple to her look via her tights.
Lizzie is always dressed to the nines! This time in a flowing maxi dress, circle handbag and a pearl headband she is showcasing '2020 Fashion Trends and Pantone Color of the Year' at the same time. 

This is the original post.

And now join the linkup!

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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Monday, January 27, 2020

C'Est La Vie - a Poetry about Life, Death, Love, Survival, etc. Plus Linkup.

I have not written poetry in a while, this is the first one for this year 2020 actually. I actually wrote the first two stanzas on Friday night last week. Then on Sunday, another accident happened and this one killed 9 people, among whom an NBA legend and his very talented future basketball legend - his young 13-year old daughter. With the loss of Kobe Bryant, that saddened me a lot, I was inspired to continue writing this poetry which is about Life, Death, Love, Survival and a lot more. C'Est La Vie..." is a French expression and I myself use it a lot. For some reason it sounds so much better in French, its meaning more powerful! It means "This Is Life" and as  clichΓ© as that sounds, this is life, filled with tragedies and triumphs, sadness and successes. 

This poetry will remind you of that. I SIMPLY LOVE IT AND THINK IT IS ONE OF MY BEST WORKS. With this one, I had a hard time of the placement of each stanza (especially with the last 3-5 stanzas, because there are a total of 11, so it's a pretty long poem). As a matter of fact I am thinking of doing another version of it soon. C'Est La Vie people, every day people die, babies are born, every day we face challenges and difficulties, pain and dolor, but every day we also smile from within, we laugh so hard that sometimes we pee our panties. Every day we have a reason to smile and love that ONLY ONE OPPORTUNITY that God gave us - LIFE. Life itself is THE REASON to live each day using your best spirits, making the best out even the worst situation, having the best intentions, using your best judgement, showing your best side, finding your best self and showing that to the world, being kind and loving, showing love and telling "I Love You" to the most important people in your life, it may be the last time they hear it...

[9.00 AM local time, Michigan USA, January 29th 2020.]

C'Est La Vie...
you go around with a smile on your face,
you start your day with a warm mug of coffee,
you have your failures and you fall from grace,
you cry inside, you cry within, you feel foggy...

C'Est La Vie,
you scoop up the sunshine that each day brings,
you dance when no one is watching,
you watch trash TV and feel good about it,
you spend your money without counting...

C'Est La Vie...
you mesmerize the world with the light of your eyes,
the same eyes that have cried hundreds of times,
you twirl your hair and you can be a flirt,
the same flirt who fell in love once or twice...

C'Est La Vie...
when your heart is broken and your ring finger is empty,
when your love stories only belong in novels,
when you try to find your knight in shining armor, where is he?!
When words of wisdom cannot console you or your dreams...

C'Est La Vie...
when you are broke and cannot pay your bills,
when the same telemarketers keep calling you,
when you are bumming around between jobs,
when you feel like your home no longer welcomes you...

C'Est La Vie...
when the same tunes keep playing on your Spotify
and they keep bringing memories, some good and some bad,
when the movies have happy endings yet you cry,
when you are broken, fatigued, decaffeinated and just plain sad...

C'Est La Vie...
when you stop to smell every flower on a beautiful Spring field,
when life throws you lemons and you make a strong vodka lemonade,
when you put your arm around to comfort a friend,
when you need to be comforted and taken care of, yourself!

C'Est La Vie...
you cried real tears last night, something sad was announced on TV,
you cried real tears when you fell in love,
you cried real tears when he broke your heart, when he broke you,
you cried real tears when you stood up so strong!

C'Est La Vie...
my little French beret-wearing, red wine drinker,
the ones who lied and manipulated you will be gone from your life,
the ones who are not fighting this life anymore
will keep looking after you with halos and angel wings...

C'Est La Vie...
you are unstoppable, unbreakable, full of spirit and depth,
many lives have been lost while you are still living yours,
you continue running in circles and sometimes it makes no sense,
you are brave my friend, just believe in your strength!

C'Est La Vie...
because besides life itself nothing else is worth crying tears for,
you will love again one day, you will fight more battles, an entire war...
you will become the amazing, incredible person you dreamed of,
you will find your high again, you will be fine, trust me!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thursday Moda #199: Outerwear - Accessorizing, Keeping Warm and Looking Cute in a Snow Day.

Hello you all and thank you to everyone who wished me for Vivian's birthday here and on My Instagram. I posted a couple of stories on Facebook too and most of the stories om my Insta, on the actual day of her birthday - Sunday January 19th. I appreciate your wishes and I read Vivian all the comments and she smiled. On my last post I talked about Vivian turning 7, what I wrote about her and I recapped her beautiful birthday through lots of pictures.

Last week on Thursday Moda I talked about the importance of Outerwear in these cold months where the gray and freeze lingers, when there is never enough daylight and sunshine. I talked about how important is to pay attention to the details when you style your outerwear like your coats, warm jackets or puffers. Today I am continuing to talk about outerwear and paying attention to details while you stay warm yet look cute during cold snow days, and we have already had a bunch of those here in Michigan, though overall it has not been as bad. 

This outfit dates back from November, before Thanksgiving (I am sure you can tell by the wreath in our front door). These cozy, warm and cuddly polar fleece coats by Abercrombie are gorgeous. I have this burgundy one and the white version which I wear less because I don't want to ruin it. Fleece or not, it keeps you just warm as a normal coat. Plus you can zip it all the way up with the funnel neckline. I brought out the little mauve undertones of the jacket with my blush pink lipstick and accessorized with emerald green accessories. My Retro Chenille Green Beanie by Target matched those Stunning Green Statement Earrings by Wal Mart perfectly. The accessories are both from this season, the jacket from last year, I have already washed it in the washing machine and it is still in perfect condition. I wore these earrings a lot in November and December because they are so festive and perfect for the holidays, I got so many compliments on them. I love them!

This very light-wash denim jacket is by Express and it has been on my closet for over a decade. In order to keep warm, I wore a nice thick ribbed sweater underneath. This Peachy Coral Ribbed Cropped Sweater is new by Target. But of course I even wore a t-shirt underneath my sweater because it was cold. To this outfit I added a little Silk Neck Scarf by NY+Co (which I have had forever) and I kept my head warm by wearing one of my favorite hats and your favorite Winter Fedora I always wear. You all love this Blush Pink/Nude Floppy Fedora I wear all the time. It is a couple of seasons old and I found it in its solitude at Wal Mart - meant for me to buy, I wear it so often!

Last but not least is this outfit I wore on a Saturday, on a day I spent down-town Detroit with some friends, and I was partially outside. I wanted to be warm and cozy while still look nice and pretty. So a Red Puffer Coat for the win - I have had this orange-red puffer jacket from Old Navy for years and I love it. I decided to go for Matchy Red Lipstick and Matchy Statement Earrings. These Colorblocked Crispin Earrings are also by Wal Mart and they too get a lot of compliments when I wear them. I also wore some sunglasses (I have had this bold wrap pair of sunglasses for a few years) because I am one of those people that the snow bothers their eyes. Especially when snow is combined with the sun, I am like blind, I need sunglasses to see. If you don't own a red coat of any kind - a puffer coat like mine or a dressy red coat, I suggest you buy one. I recommend every woman owns at least one bright coat in her closet. If you have to have two go for a red one and either a jewel-toned green or a mustard one. What do you think of how I dress and accessorize for Winter while still keeping warm?!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Vivian Turns the Lucky S-E-V-E-N 7!!

On January 19th 2020, my beautiful daughter Vivian turned 7 years old and we celebrated despite a big snow-storm and the super cold, frozen weather. My beautiful girl had a JoJo Siwa 7th Birthday Party filled with lots of balloons, pizza, a yummy cake, pink, turquoise, bows and beautiful children! This post has many photos from Vivian's 7th Birthday, but first I wanted you to read what I wrote about my Vivian on the actual day of her birthday and added it as a Facebook post, too. Happy Birthday my Sweet Viv!! May you live a very long, happy and healthy life!!


Vivian's birthday is important for the blog too, because my blog started the year I discovered I was pregnant with her. I started blogging full-time during Spring of 2012 when Vivian was conceived and continued to blog full-time during her first 2 baby years which I spent home with her as a stay-at-home mom. I continued growing with her when we moved back to Michigan from Albania, in Summer of 2015. Vivian has also grown on the blog. The first year of her life, I did a monthly update post on her. I have also shared several birthdays and milestones like when she turned 1, when she turned 6, when she started Kindergarten or when she started First Grade. My blog's name is "Elegance and Mommyhood" because it talks about style and motherhood and how my style has changed because I became a mother. Plus, I do a lot of Mommy-Daughter Style Posts with her and those are my favorites! So every birthday I celebrate of Vivian's, I celebrate this little blog of mine, too. 


2013 will forever be the best year of my life!! It was the year I slept the least and felt like a zombie often. It was the year I probably cried the most (a mixed variety of tears and emotions, both good and bad). It was the year I dressed up the least and could care less if my hair looked messy, if I was without makeup about 95% of the time or didn't touch up my roots. It was also the year I experienced the most physical pain known to human. It was the year I got so sick from nursing. But none of that matters. 2013 will forever be the best year of my life because you were born my beautiful little angel Vivian!! On January 19th 2013 you graced us with your presence. I will never ever forget the first cry I heard from you. This tiny creature around 6 lbs. could cry so loudly. It echoed into my heart! Today I want to cry a little bit because you are growing up too fast. How are you in the first grade?! Over the last year you finished kindergarten and became a first grader. You lost three teeth and got a new tooth. You got used to a new teacher and made more new friends. You became a great friend to the young kids of our new neighbors and became the best big cousin to your baby cousin. Your eyes light up every time you see the baby. You matured a lot and grew a few inches! I love seeing you read full sentences, entire little books. Mommy grew your book collection a lot this past year. 



I love seeing you write and do your math homework. Even-though you haven't learnt it in school, you can write both printed and cursive. Your handwriting is so beautiful - I'd like to think you take that after me and after my mom. I love to see you sing and dance especially to Albanian video songs. I love seeing you ask questions both to me and to Alexa lol. I love seeing you create! You are such a good little artist and loves drawing, painting and colors. Cheers to you my dress-wearing, bow-loving, funny, smart, creative, bright, sweet, talkative, thoughtful, tiny but mighty sassy pants! Happy 7th Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ to you sweetheart, my Vivushka! Thank you for making my life more beautiful and richer every day!! Thank you for making me more patient!! Thank you for hugging and kissing me every day!! Thank you for worrying about me!! Thank you for being you!! I am beyond blessed, happy and eternally grateful to be your mama and the person you can count on the most!! I love you my sweet darling!! Happiest of birthdays today and let a fantastic year of your life start!! 


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