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Weekend Wants: Valentine's Inspired.

So you guys, I broke my 'rules' and actually did shop in January, a lot of shopping actually. Some of it was with Christmas money, gift cards and coupons. But I also spent a good chunk of my own money, but between all the great after-Christmas sales and The Limited closing down its doors, forever, I had to. I really truly hope I don't shop at all this month of February or March. When I put together these wish lists I am tempted but they are just that: Weekend Wants. They are simply wishful shopping.

I picked out some great options for Valentine's day and upcoming Spring. Red is my favorite color and I cannot have enough of it. Plus, it is great to wear red all through February since it stands for Heart Diseasesand February is the month of Women's Heart Disease - a disease that touches many many women. Old Navy as always has the cutest things for Vivian and all toddlers, right now. Loft's new early Spring collection features lots of blooming florals not just in d…