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11 + 12: Mom to Work Wear - Black, Embellished Tank.

During my remix challenge, I wanted to do a couple of my "Mom to Work Wear" Posts. I think I included enough pieces that could have been remixed both for a Casual Mom Wear as well as a more Dressy Work Wear. Today's Outfits (the first was worn during the daytime, the second in the afternoon - when I teach my Marketing Class) are based around my Black, Embellished Tank Top. But they also have other things in common, such as the Yellow Loafers and the same Jewelry because they worked for each outfit. Ohh and they both have the combination of Black, White+Yellow which I cannot get enough of, lately (examples: 123 and 4).
I am glad I decided to include a Black Tank Top in my pieces because they are quite versatile. This one is a little Dressy with the Silver Crystals around the neckline. (Below, I linked to some similar ones and they are all quite pretty and fun - take a peek.) For the Mom Wear I paired it with my Diamond-Print Shorts that I belted with my Yellow Bow Bel…