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Flashback Friday: Dresses and Skirts Styled for Easter.

Today, I thought I'd look back at some outfits - featuring dresses and skirts - from the first few years of me blogging, that I have worn in the Spring-time of that particular year. I am recapping these past looks that I selected today specifically as in my opinion all of these would make great options as Easter Outfits. Some of these I have actually worn for Easter. Floral Dresses, Little White Dresses, a Dressy Skirt Look, a Classic Shirtdress or even a Little Black Dress would make great options for Easter from church to lunch. Before we get to the outfits, let me tell you that I hate all of my photos from 2012 to 2014 (bad quality and bad cluster/unclean background as far as where I took them). Also, looking back I have so many bad, ugly and un-favorite looks from 2012 to 2015 that I can pinpoint now. But not the outfits below. I actually like these. 

2012. I was working at an office in Tirana, Albania and that was the Spring I got pregnant with Vivian also. You may even notice …