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Toddler Girl, 16-piece Fall Wardrobe Capsule.

You guys all know I love to remix my closet and I love a good capsule (at least once or twice a year). While I own a lot of clothes, there are some that I wear and remix more and some closet staples that are perfect to remix into many different looks. With school back on and trying to think of how to dress your little one in the morning for when they go to PreK, kindergarden or school, it is sometimes easier to think of a capsule wardrobe for your child/ren as well. When you have a much smaller wardrobe to select from, choosing their outfits in the morning when you have a million things to do is much easier. 

Therefore, today I decided to show you a 16-piece Fall Capsule for a toddler girl or young girls (let's say 8 and under). I strategically selected 16 pieces including 3 pairs of shoes that can be easily remixed into at least 30 outfits (I could think of 30 outfits with these pieces and I even noted each one of them with pen+paper, myself). I am a savvy budget shopper and most …