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Christmas Day 2011.

So girls are you getting ready for New Year's Eve - THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR? Do you have your dress or outfit, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair all planned out? I think I know what I am wearing but I have to put it all together at home, first. I also have a plan for a fun and youthful hairdo. While today I am doing some last-minute shopping getting a gift for my husband and one for my father-in-law. We exchange Christmas/New Year Gifts on New Year's Eve at his family and with his family. But man it is so hard buying for a man (pun intended). LOL

Below I am bringing you my Christmas Day outfit. As you may know by now this is the very first Christmas I spend 15 years later in my home country of Albania and the very first one ever I spend in Tirana (the capital) where my husband and I as well as his family, lives. And let me tell you it has been a beautiful, festive Holiday Season overall. I have never seen Tirana look prettier or more decorative like this. I will talk and w…