Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tank and Midi.

Why is it I can never catch up lately? Seriously. For one, I am super behind posting outfits in this blog, so I will try to post two a day for most of this month. Secondly, I have been under so much stress. It has affected my appetite, my mood and my health. When this much stress and negativity gets to you, it makes it difficult for your health, physically, mentally and psychologically. I hope and pray next week things will smoother down at work. Spending over 50 hours a work, whether you want it or not, will affect your mood and therefore your life. I try not to let work things get to me and definitely try not to let any bad work mood spill onto my personal life, but sometimes the two get mashed together without my control. =(

Here is an outfit for you wearing sort of a Midi-Skirt featuring really thin stripes in Ivory, Mint, Turquoise and Yellow. I like the little splashes of color against a plain, silk background. Also, this tank has becoming a favorite of mine to wear this summer. They are breezy, light and cool, featuring a tiny side chest pocket. I purchased this one in a bright blue/turquoise and another one in a bright aqua/mint green. I am a multiples-lover when it comes to clothing, I will buy them in multiples if I really like them. Plus, these were a great price.

Light, Silky, Turquoise Tank: Calliope.
Black, Multi-Colored-Stripped, Silk, Midi Skirt: The Limited.
Turquoise, Baby Pink and Clear, Glass-Beaded Necklace and Matching Stretchy Bracelet: Beadz & Bagz.
Hot Pink, Multi-Colorful Stripped Wedge Espadrilles: Payless.