Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black, Blue and Red.

I have been wearing a lot of Black+Blue lately as well as a lot of Black+Red (you have seen some of it but there will be further proof of this, in early future outfits). Well, for this Outfit I combined Black, Blue and Red altogether. And I must say I loved the results of this Winter edition trio of colors.
I tend to dress up more during December for the big Holiday month, especially since this year I am once again working and last time I worked in December I was 8 to 9 months pregnant so comfort was key. And you can get away with more casual outfits, at the work-place, while pregnant. So, for this work day I wore a Dress which has a Tiered, Silky Skirt in a Graphic Blue/White/Black Print and it is simply Black with an Open Neckline on top. I paired it with my Classic Black WHBM Blazer, some See-through Black Tights, my Royal Blue Oxford Booties and a Blue Beaded Necklace+Matching Earrings. I added my pops of Red via the Red+Blue Scarf, my Red Bag and some Red Lipstick. I ended up taking lots of photos, because during some parts of the day, I kept the Scarf on and it was very much part of the Outfit, when it was warmer I took it off. And no coat was necessary on this day. As a matter of fact after a lunch appointment, I took my Blazer off while walking outside for a little bit. I have gotten a lot of questions about my MK Bag. I purchased it about 8 months ago, but you can still find some online and there is also another, newer version of this Tote which I love. I linked up some options, below. Also, I found some gorgeous similar sheaths and dresses that I linked up. Have you worn Black, Red and Blue lately?

Dainty, 2-Stranded Silver Necklace w/ Glass Royal Blue Beads: White House Black Market (similar, necklace+earring set, best deal), (similar by Kenneth Cole, love this), (gorgeous bis style by INC, love this).
Dangly Silver Beaded Earrings w/ Glass Royal Blue Beads (set w/ the necklace): White House Black Market (similar, necklace+earring set, best deal), (gorgeous, dressy option by Kenneth Cole), (fun statement earrings by JC Penney, love these).
Black, Classic, Plastic "Wayfarer" Sunglasses: Ray Ban (identical), (tortoise version by Ray Ban, love these), (similar by Marc Jacobs, great deal, love these).
Large, Red Leather Handbag w/ Gold Hardware: Michael Kors (same), (very similar), (similar 1), (similar 2).

I am also passing on my fit+flare dress, booties and black tights from Alex's Outfit onto mine so I am linking up with her and Whitney for their "Take one, pass it on" Link-up.