Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pastels, Floral and Midi Skirt.

So now that my secret is out, I can go back to regulas posting. LOL It continues to be a terribly hot week. I am hoping it cools off a little by this weekend. I have had very uncomfortable sleep the last 2 nights. Hot weather and pregnancy do not mesh so well together, neither do they match! =D Tomorrow I got to have some blood-work done bright and early, without even eating or drinking. I am a little nervous about it but I think it will be fine. I am not a fan of having someone poke my veins with a needle, even if it is for a medical purpose. But my baby is worth it. ;-)

On to the outfit. Another skirt and top/blouse combo, this time in pastel colors. I love this skirt. It is so pretty and light in this amazing sheer chiffon. The flowers are muted too. I also like the two flapping parts on front which look quite cute when blown by the wind. I had to lift them up so you could see them photographed, as well. Since my outfit featured lighter colors I kept my lips bold and bright.

Short-Sleeve, Dusty Lavender Tee w/ Chiffon Pleating by the Neckline: The Limited.
Aqua, Chiffon, Midi Skirt w/ Light Pink Roses: Banana Republic.
Silver Dangly Earrings w/ Cubic Brownish-Gold Stones: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Chain, Dainty Necklace w/ a Teardrop Shaped Baby Blue Stone: Kohl's.
Silver Bracelet w/ Geometric-Shaped Rhinestones: White House Black Market.
Plain, Silver Bangle: White House Black Market.
Fan-Shaped, Black Plastic Clasp w/ Silver Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories.
Dark Silver, Thong-Wedge, Beaded Sandals w/ Black, Gray & Silver Beads: Nine West.