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Thursday Moda #50: A Collaboration - 5 Bloggers Celebrate Valentine's Day.

Welcome to the 50th week of Thursday Moda, how is that for a round-up anniversary?! I cannot believe it will soon be exactly one year that I have started the Thursday Moda linkup which has gone strong each week I might add, thanks to all of you. 
To celebrate my 50th milestone and once again in honor of Valentine's Day, today I have another Valentine-Inspired Collaboration with 4 of my very stylish blogging buddies (pictured on the collage right above), whom I have contributed with before for New Year's Eve as well as some of them for last year's Valentine Collab. I am so grateful to have them join me again this month for another Valentine Collaboration, the third in a row, too. Yesterday, one of my blogging babes from today's collab Monica got a dozen of us for her own Valentine's Day Collaboration while on the previous post I collaborated with Rachel and our gorgeous daughters, to show you how two moms celebrate Casual Valentine's. The Mommy+Mini posts return …