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Tuesday Feature: ADA - the Girl Who Ended Her Twenties in Style!! [Part 1.]

Unlike every week, today's Tuesday Feature is on myself since tomorrow on May 4th is My Birthday. =) So YEAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (This title says it all about how old I am. LOL Well I am not one to hide my age anyways.) So to honor My Birthday and the milestones I have left behind, as well as to celebrate my clothes plus my love of everything I shop for that has to do with Style & Fashion, I am dedicating this feature to myself. =) After all this is my blog and most bloggers post daily outfits of themselves, dedicating blogs daily to themselves!! =D

My birthday is tomorrow so starting tomorrow and through the rest of the week I plan on celebrating a little with my loved ones, looking pretty & stylish all the way. I even bought myself new dresses and accessories for this occassion. =) In this post I am going to post Birthday Outfits from the last 5-6 previous Birthdays I have celebrated. I didn't have a blog then, so I am sure you would be interested to see what I cam…