Saturday, September 20, 2014

19: Stripes and Shields.

I wasn't sure at first if these two pieces worked together or not. But after putting them on, the outfit grew on me and as I was editing the photos, I actually started liking this outfit, quite a bit. I am pairing my Navy+Baby Blue Silky, Comfy Track-Style Pants with my Baby Blue or Periwinkle Striped Oxford Shirt. The Print on these Pants looks like little shields, while the shirt has stripes. I added the pops of Bright, almost Neon Yellow via the loafers, Earrings and Bracelet, put my hair in a ponytail and I was done. What do you think?
This little girl is already 20 months old, as of yesterday. How does time fly, for real? She is improving her skills for going up and down the stairs, also. She is always on the move. She keeps us all on our feet. Oh and she loves to sing and chatter.
Periwinke+White, Pinstriped "Portofino" Button Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Express (similar by Lauren, love this), (similar by Brooks Brothers, love this), (similar by Tommy Hilfiger, on sale).
Navy+White, Tribal-Print, Relaxed, Silky "Sweat-pant Style" Pants w/ Elastic Waist: H&M (New) (very similar in black+white, on sale, love these), (very similar in black+white by Jessica Simpson, great deal, love these), (similar by Old Navy, best deal).
Big Circle, Plastic, Yellow Stud Earrings: Fred's Jewelry (love these yellow+white flower studs, great deal).
Neon Yellow & Gold-tone Enamel Bangle Bracelet: A Local Accessories Boutique (New) (very similar yellow bangle, great deal), (similar, best deal).

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink, Light Pink & White Striped Jumper Dress w/ Flamingo on the front: Carter's.
Fuchsia, 3/4-Sleeve Tee w/ Ruffles on the Sleeves: Little Lass.
Ivory Nylon Tights: Old Navy.
Black Sneakers: Babies R' Us.

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