Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a Couple of Things...

Happy Friday Friends. It has been a quiet Friday (emphasis on QUIET) for me pretty much since the baby has mostly slept during the day and I should too, because I can expect the night to be tougher, they usually are. It breaks my heart to see her cry when she does, but I understand she is just a few days old and this is all a huge adjustment for her and for me, as well. But in the late afternoon through the evening she woke up and was awake for a few hours. With that said I wanted to THANK all of you who commented, wished us well and congratulated both me and her after my announcement about her birth. She truly is Mamma's Princess, a beautiful, perfect little Baby Girl. Sometimes it seems surreal, I want to pinch myself. I love her DEARLY!

I still have a few more outfits I wore towards the end of My Pregnancy that I will share with you, but today I am running short on time (being a Brand-New Mom does that to you). I better get some food and some sleep before Vivian wakes up. Also, starting tomorrow stay Tuned for my First Guest Post. There will be more of those coming next week as well as through February. =) Thanks again for sticking with me while I take time to be a mom, everyone. I truly appreciate it. =)