Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thursday Moda #83: Black Skinny Jeans Remix for Early Fall.

Hey You all. So today I am remixing these Black Skinny Jeans by Wit+Wisdom from Nordstrom and it is exactly an outfit I wore from day to night, just this past Monday. This is the perfect post to start my Common Threads October Challenge with, since it is a month of remixing my closet. And I did something different: instead of remixing one or two of the pieces I chose to wear as my 5 items this month, I picked another piece altogether.

On the outfit on the left worn during the daytime for work, I paired my jeans with my  Loft, Autumn Ochre Chenille Cardigan which is one of the two items from The Common Threads Challenge, a Tan Gauze Ruffled-Front Laceup Blouse by Jacket Society and my Leopard Tassel Loafers by Charlotte Russe. I also accessorized with a pair of Black Sunglasses with Silver Studs. I love how the leopard loafers match perfectly with the colors of the outfit. Later in the afternoon it got a lot warmer (up to 77 degrees), so for a dinner out I opted to pair these jeans with the V-Neck Pocket White Tee I also chose for my October remix challenge. Now, I know that you are thinking that the second outfit is nothing special: black jeans and a white t-shirt. That is true, but if you add some pretty jewelry and the right accessories, you can make the simplest black+white jeans and tee outfit super chic and modern. I added a Colorful Beaded Long Necklace mixing teal, wood, red + orange Beads, an Asymmetric Red Crystal Cocktail Ring which complimented my Purple Crystal Bracelet beautifully, some Teardrop-Shaped Gold Drop Earrings, an Olive Crossbody Bag and the the Perfect Black Suede Mules. Nothing like the right accessories to elevate an outfit, am I correct?! While I love both of these looks the black+white one is my favorite.

Happy Thursday!!

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