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25 + 26: Printed Pants Times Two.

Yes, I was continuing with the challenge and by the time the 25th outfit was worn, I was actually bored with the clothes I chose, but by the 25th Outfit I still had about 10 days left in the challenge and I stuck to it. Besides being bored with the clothes, I was not bored with my ideas. I knew I could create 60 (not just 30) outfits out of the 24 pieces of clothing I had and stretch my wardrobe to the max. So folks, today you will see 2 Outfits featuring the 2 pairs of Pants I included - both of which were Printed, Summery Pants. I love both of the Outfits today and for the Outfit with the Navy+White Silky Track Pants, I think this is my favorite way I have worn them throughout this challenge. What do you think?
Here I kept things simple+neutral. I am basically wearing Navy, White and Black. With the Off-White Chiffon Blouse, the Pants stand out more. Since I wore this Outfit all day from work to grocery shopping, to picking up Vivian from daycare and more; it served its purpose beca…