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Red, Black and Vivian once again.

Black+Red has been done a million times before. Clearly this isn't the most creative of outfits - light turtleneck, cardigan, dressy pants, booties and a statement necklace - but it is what I wore to work during a Holiday that celebrates Albania. I just had a half (work) day that day. Since Albania's Colors are Red+Black I was representing as was Vivian. She has definitely had her time on the blog so far in 2015 (examples 1 and 2). We have been able to co-ordinate somehow, each time, also. I love it when that happens. Do you have a daughter? Do you match outfits with her or any of your children sometimes?
I had to start off with this photo because Vivian interrupted my vain time (lol) to show me her new book which she loves. She loves books with puzzles, like this one. She is just too cute and insisting on that photo on your left. Dark Red 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Silver Disco-ball Buttons: White House Black Market (very similar by J. Crew), (similar V-neck option, by J.Crew, on s…