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Mommy in Gray Watercolor and Baby in Pink Chiffon.

I have had a busy Monday guys so this post is coming real late today. Plus, it was a rough night sleep for Vivian & myself. I was exhausted today and even got a slight headache. I am still committed to posting on my blog, though. And I really have quite a few backed up Outfits, actually.

We had a super hot, humid & rainy day last week. I was out running errands with my Mom & my Daughter. This Simple, Breezy Dress was Perfect, Sandals and all. I love the Subtle, Neutral Water-color Pattern on it. I figured since it is technically Fall, Gray is perfect for now. It is one of those Colors we need to wear more often. Last time I wore a lot of Gray, I happened to love the Outfit, as did all of you. =) The Gray Tank Top worked perfectly underneath the Dress. Unfortunately, my Mom ruined this beautiful Nylon-Stretch Tank while washing it. It pilled and got so old & raggy on the washer. I think it got tangled with the baby's bibs. Too bad because I loved it and only happen…

Wishful Shopping: Gorgeous Dresses from The Limited.

The Limited is my Absolute Favorite store. It is Classic, Chic, Colorful, Young, filled with lots of clothes for a professional environment, fun nights out, casual days and everything in between. It also has some Beautiful Accessories: Nice Handbags, Pretty Jewelry, Fun Scarves, Great Tights & lately even Shoes. I have been shopping there since 15 years ago and it has always stood by me. 

One of my favorite things from there is their Dresses. I am a Dresses lover at heart and I easily own at east 30 Dresses from The Limited (if not more). This current season is perfect to shop for Dresses. You can find a great combination of Special Occasion ones, Cocktail Dresses, Work Sheaths, Shirt-dresses and Sweater Dresses. I currently want all of their Dresses, but I narrowed it down to these Perfect Dozen. Here it goes. Let's start off with this Stunning Wine/Burgundy Dress.

The Lace Bodice Peplum Dress. This is easily My Most Favorite. I love the Color, Shape & Lace. I love that it…

More Neon, More Stripes, More V-Neck Tees, More Statement Necklaces.

Happy Saturday Loves!! I didn't mean to take the day off yesterday. I definitely could have found some time to post. I spent some time reading blogs in the morning and decided to turn the computer off for the rest of the day, spending time with my baby girl & catching up on some sleep. How was your Friday? Any plans for this weekend? We are invited to a Family Dinner tonight. I am used to those by now, since coming back home to Michigan. Anyhow...

Thursday's Outfit showed you a Neon, V-Neck T-Shirt, just like today, as well as a Statement Necklace, Bright Neon & Thong Sandals. Since it has been warm here these last couple of days, I combined those same elements but with a Pencil Skirt instead of Shorts. I have had this Light Knit, Yellow Pencil Skirt in my closet, for about a decade. It is much brighter than it has photographed. Actually these photos are all kind of light, the Neon Tee or Vivid Necklace haven't photographed clear, either. I have done more pops of Br…

Neon Orange, Highlighter Pink and Oxblood.

Every day I thank God for the BEST GIFT he gave my husband and I on January 19th 2013 - Our Beautiful Daughter Vivian. Sometimes it feels surreal, even though 8+ months have passed by. I get to hold her, feed her, hug her, cuddle with her, kiss her, play with her, dress her up, bathe her, care for her and love her every single day. In return she pays me with beautiful, genuine smiles, poopy diapers, gentle touches, naps on my arms, some crabby fits and lots and lots of love. I know I am her Mom and I am biased but besides being darling and sweet she is drop dead gorgeous. Today, as I went for Coffee & Shopping with a friend, I was told by dozens of people of how Beautiful she is - 2 of which even commented about starting her on commercials and ads. This is a Super Proud Mom right here. I am lucky to be Vivian's Mommy. <3 font="">

Moving on to the OTTD. It reached up to 75 high today in Michigan. So I figured I would grab the sunny day by its horn (so to speak) a…