Tuesday, April 29, 2014

30 of 30: My Easter Outfit but NOT the Last One.

Hello on this rainy and cold Tuesday morning. So, today I have Outfit #30 of my 30 for 30 challenge for you guys, but it is not the last one. In real life, I started my challenge the last week of March, in order to have time to get a head start posting on the blog. I have posted every outfit in the chronological order in which they have been worn so far. There are still a few more Outfits after this that I was able to remix and wear within my month of this challenge. I wore the actual last Outfit of this challenge on Sunday and it might be my most favorite one. I will be posting a few two-fer posts this week so by this weekend, all of my outfits with the 30 pieces will finally be shown. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by daily, bi-weekly, weekly or whenever you can to follow me during this challenge and encourage me along the way. 

So, yesterday was a cold, rainy day. I only went outside to drop off and pick up Vivian from daycare. After a month of wearing the same clothes over and over, remixing the hell out of my closet and shoes and doing a lot more laundry, yesterday I celebrated by wearing Leggings with a Flannel and a Ponytail for a comfy stay-at-home look without caring about taking any outfit photos. I plan on doing the same today, again, since it is yet another day of lots of rain and cold winds. After having a super mild Winter, the bad weather decided to sneak up on us and bring us some Winter during April.

This is the Outfit I wore for Easter this year. It is not the most colorful or the brightest and I really thought about cheating on my 30 for 30 challenge that day and wear something else from my closet, but I stuck to it. And I really like the end results, because it is a polished, classy look, between my Black Shirt-dress and the Silver Blazer (which throughout this challenge, proved to be so versatile - so glad I included it). Though the materials of these 2 pieces are so different, the textures work together somehow. I wore some Pretty Jewels as well that are mostly from WHBM and my Crystal Bunny Necklace which is perfect for Easter. There are a lot of photos from this day, sorry. Some of which with Vivian, of course. I just realized when editing these photos, that I sort of matched my daughter (though this time was not done on purpose). We both have Gray/Silver on top and the Hot Pink parts of her Outfit match my Pink Jewelry and Lips. How do you like Outfit #30? Do you own a Black Shirt-Dress? (I have 3 Black ones F.Y.I.) If not, purchase one, because they are so versatile and a classic staple to have and you will thank me later.
Hand Jewelry:
White, Sea-Pearl, Silver, Heart-shaped Cocktail Ring: c/o American Fashion & Jewelry Boutique.
Light Orange, Round-face, Quartz Watch: Gift from My Husband (New).
1 White+Silver and 1 Magenta+Silver, Stretchy, Beaded Bracelets w/ some Charms: White House Black Market.
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique.
Real Gold Wedding Band and Real Gold+Diamond Engagement Ring: From My Husband.
Do you like the jacket better buttoned or unbuttoned? I tried both styles and kept it some hours buttoned and some hours unbuttoned. This Outfit proved to be comfy for a long, festive day.
This is the first time that Vivian held an egg. She even started taking the shell off (it was a hard-boiled egg, of course). Hahaha, I love the little faces she is making, I had to photograph.
Pros: Simple, Comfortable, Elegant and Classy. I am wearing Neutrals in Black and Gray - you can't go wrong. Also the Metallic Silver of the Jacket plays off the Metallic Bronze Wedges.
Cons: It is not too Bright-Colored for Easter. I wish I was wearing brighter, happier colors. But at least I have on some Pink Jewels to make up for the lack of Color.
Black, Belted, Ponte, Elbow-Sleeve Shirt-dress w/ Silver Buttons & Chest Pockets: White House Black Market.
Light Silver, Silk Blazer w/ Pinstriped Silver+Gold Lining: Urban Behaviour.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ a Rhinestone Bunny Charm: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver+Magenta, Oval-Stone Dangly Earrings: White House Black Market.
Silver, Crystal/Rhinestone Hair Clip: Swarovski (New; Gift).
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

Vivian's Outfit:
Gray "Minnie Mouse" Sparkly Tulle, Tiered Tunic + Hot Pink Polka Dot Leggings w/ Gray Tulle Hem (together as a Set): Disney Baby (Gifted; New).
Large Tulle & Lace Hot Pink Flower Hair Clip w/ Sparkly Stones: DIY by Me.
Hot Pink Mary Janes w/ Multi-Colored Chiffon Flowers: Target.

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