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Red Valentine.

So, this time last year I was in Michigan, enjoying Valentine's Day next to my husband who gifted me a single red rose bloom and a Diamond Tennis Bracelet. He had been laid off from work at the time and while I was working a 10-hour day, he had cleaned, washed and wiped the house, done some grocery shopping, organized my dresser (where the little box of jewelry - my bracelet, and a beautiful little, sweet note were, as well). He even did the dishes and some laundry. =) Very Domestic - I know. This time last year we were in Michigan, where outside was frosty and icy, but our home and the atmosphere created was nothing but warm and wonderful. We had made reservations at a fancy, 5 Star Italian Restaurant called "Volare" where we spent over 250$ (expensive I know) on appetizers, dinner, wine, desserts, cocktails and cappuccino. The outfit and photos below are from last year's Valentine's Day while you wait for last night's photos which I still have to post onto …