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Flashback Friday: A Dress (or three) with Lace.

Today's Flashback Friday showcases three dresses that all have some Lace in them. Perfect for Marionberry's Trend of the month which is Lace. =) I also saw it fitting to showcase some dresses, since I bragged about having a ton of dresses, here. Today I am showing you 3 of them, all of which have been worn during Winter Season 2011-2012. I like how none of them are 100% Lace, but all incorporate Lace in their own way. First the Blue Sweater Dress has Lace stencil running down like horizontal stripes - this I wore for a Morning Coffee Date & Lunch Date with a Friend, in late January 2012. Second, the Champagne Silk Dress has pieces of lace (also horizontally) sewn through it - this I wore for our Valentine's Date Dinner on February 14th of last year. And last but not least the Olive Green Dress has Lace sewn through the sleeves and this is one of my Most Favorite Sweater Dresses (I own about 20 sweater dresses) - this I wore for a New Year's/Birthday Dinner Party on…