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Thursday Moda #98: Silver Stars, just like My Vivian.

Happy Thursday you all! I apologize you still see my Christmas tree - which in actuality I only took down on January 12th, a day before the entirely black outfit I posted yesterday. Sometimes I post my outfits not in chronological order. But I had to post the sexy+sleek black outfit yesterday because I wanted to be back with a bang. It seemed you all liked that outfit too and you are all amazed at how I find, beautiful, well-made, expensive-looking clothes at Target so I might do a "How to Shop at Target" mini series. Would you be interested?! Please let me know.
Anyhow, I had to have a Mommy+Mini post today with my little girl Vivian since this little doll of mine turns 5 tomorrow. Where did 5 years go?! Seriously!! As she gets older and understands more, she knows this is a big birthday. I am so happy for her but also a little sad because my little girl grows more each day. These photos didn't turn out the greatest as far as the lighting goes and I could have used a ful…