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Pinned It and Did It: Bright Green Jeans, Dark Cardigan and Striped Top.

This week's "Pinned It and Did It" Look comes from this pin (via Classy Girls Wear Pearls) that I recently pinned from Heather, in my ever-growing "Fashion" Board. Speaking of Pinterest, please start following me. You might find some looks you will fall in love with (that I pinned) which I fell in love with, as well. 

Anyway, my Outfit is actually quite different than the original but that's the way I wanted it this time for an easy, super-casual Sunday (since this is another Outfit from this weekend, paying my respects to St. Patrick's Day as you see). I think the Striped Top on the original Pin is Navy+White while the Cardigan Black. In my version my Cardigan is Navy and the Top is Black+White. Since I am wearing a Long Cardigan over my Skinny Kelly Green Jeans, I added a Cute Cognac Belt over it, rather than loop it like in the actual pin. I also added my Navy+White Gingham Scarf for some Pattern-mixing, but I quite think it adds to the Nautical and …