Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mom Life on a Monday.

I shared that top photo on my Instagram yesterday (from Monday) and you all loved the outfit and the mosaic wall. It was the exact outfit I wore on Monday to work, car pull (for Vivian's school) and run a quick few errands after I picked her up for school. Because that is Mom Life on a Monday: school drop-off,  work (hectic day too, I feel like every Monday is lol) and school pick-up. This is also Vivian's last week of Summer school. Her last day of school is Wednesday and Summer is coming to an end. I have been seeing so many of you post photos of your kids' first week of school this week and I am amazed, because most schools in Michigan start Tuesday after Labor day, some the last week of August. I will have a few days off due to Vivian being off until then, over the next couple of weeks which is good because work has been crazy hectic and busy lately and this week will be insane at work, so I could use some relaxing time at home.

As far as my outfit, it is a simple mom babe look featuring Skinny Blue Moto Jeans paired with my Favorite Blouse I picked up at Loft last year, most recently blogged 3 weeks ago. My jeans and crossbody bag are by Target - because Target does it again, always. The Tortoise and Burgundy Ombre Sunglasses are by Ann Taylor but I am truly singing praises to my Gorgeous Comfortable, Classic, Nude Ballet Flats by Banana Republic which are perfection! A very simple look but so put-together and what we can wear at a super casual office. Vivian wore her "Tutu Cute" Mint, Tulle-Sleeve Tee with a Rainbow Ombre Tulle Skirt to school on Monday. Her mint and pink heart-shaped sunglasses matched her clothes. These are all cell-phone pics so not the best quality and my roots need a bad touchup. Hope to get a hair appointment ASAP, hopefully as early as this Friday.