Friday, September 21, 2012

Black and Mint.

Hello All. I know it's Friday and that most of you are excited but I couldn't even wake up today. I was so tired and felt a little dizzy, despite pretty much 8 hours of sleep. I had to come to work a few minutes later till I got myself together. On the bright side, my swolling has softened and it is not associated to anything bad or worrisome. My ultra-sound showed a healthy, heart-beating, beautiful baby yesterday. =) Also, another positive note, after I get out of work this afternoon I get the evening off and I am off tomorrow so a little relaxing and catching up on house work is on the way.

Today's outfit is very simple, both in the styling and in the colors, and sometimes simple works best. I love Bermuda shorts because they are work-appropriate. Mint or Seafoam has been a huge color this summer. This tee is in the softest mint shade and the see-through, kimono sleeves are too cute. Also, the material of these shorts is thicker so they would work for cooler Spring or Fall mornings, too. I added a long crystal-beaded necklace and this work-outfit on the casual side, was born. In case you notice the little stain on the bottom of the tee (in the front), that was from the gel they use while I had the ultra-sound, sorry.

Light Mint-Green, V-Neck Tee w/ See-Through Cap Sleeves: The Limited.
Knee-Length, Black, Bermuda Shorts: Express.
Long, Sparkly, Jet, Beaded, Black Necklace: The Limited.
Black & Silver, Gladiator, Strappy Sandals: Il Cammini.