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Rainbow Stripes, Rainbow Dots and Rainbow Beads.

TGIF Everyone. I get to sleep in tomorrow, relax, hopefully get a lot of cleaning done and get some lunch or dinner on the way. I may be able to squeeze a little date with hubby, tomorrow, too. Also, either tomorrow or Sunday, I will be posting my very first recipe/dish here on my Blog. It came out good, it's an easy dish to make and I've got photos, too. LOL

I love this multi-colored dress from The Limited. You can do so much with it in terms of accessories because any color goes, really. I wore it simpler this first time around but this time I did some layering (with a tank underneath it) and some pattern-mixing too since the multi-colored tie-dye stripes are being mixed-matched with the multi-colored polka dots on my shoes. I am so glad I purchased these shoes over the summer. I have worn them plenty of times and they seriously go with everything and are so cute. =) They were a great deal too. I also doubled this long, multi-colored, beaded necklace, twice around my neck. T…

Little Facts Friday: August 24th 2012.

Once a week, I am going to post Little Facts. These are simply 3 words, each week that we need to describe a little, talking a little about ourselves. It feels sort of like Word Association. I feel this is a good way for some readers, old and new to get to know me better.

Thanks. I Appreciate it. Hugs & Kisses, Ada.

OK, so it's time for Little Facts! (the little facts were inspired by Rebecca at See Me Rawr.)

Words: Sometimes I like to be real wordy. These are the times, I usually use a lot of big words, as well. And sometimes I speak very little and use small words. In general though I am a talktative person. Actually even when I get sick or whatever, my husband says my mouth is never sick. He thinks I will be talking all the way to my grave; of course he says this as a joke. LOL
Fear: The only thing I truly fear is fear itself, as cliche as that sounds. I also fear two things. First, that people I know, especially real close friends and family find out about my blog. My husband…