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Baby Pink Date for... Three!!

So, it cooled down here the last 3-4 days or so. Mornings and evenings are quite chilly, then let's say 11.00-4.00 is warmer, especially yesterday and even warmer today. If you have to spend most or all day outside, layers are definitely a must. However, today I had to leave my house very early in the morning and I have to go home after work, real late at night, which called for leggings, a 3/4 sleeve tunic and even a blazer to wear out.

Today's outfit though is from a few weeks ago on a date night out which ended with an awesome waffle dessert. Clearly it was hotter when these photos were taken. However we were out until 11.00 PM or so, so it did get chilly later on, I should have grabbed a cardigan when I got out of my house. We took a lot of photos that day so I am sorry about the abundance of photos. Also, in some of the after photos of the outfit, you will see a huge stain on my nice silk tank (of course on my chest =P). That's thank to the ice-cream (from the dessert…