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Black and Brown with a Leopard Splash.

Hi there. I cannot believe that my Baby Girl is already 10 days old. She is a good baby for most of the part. I just wish she slept for longer intervals at a time. I think in all these 10 days, I have slept for 3 hours straight just once. But she is still very young - so it's normal. I love her so very much. She sure has changed my world. And in these 10 days I have been home in the comfort of pajamas, tees and sweats. Saturday is Vivian's doctor appointment (her second one; the first one was last week where the doctor came to visit her home - a service they offer in Albania for little babies), so on Saturday I actually plan on putting an outfit together for myself.

Until then, I still have some Maternity Outfits to show you, as I said, while I take a small break from Guest Posts. Thank You to everyone who has Guest Posted for me so far. I still have a few more scheduled and if any of you want to Guest Post, contact me via My E-Mail at Thanks Again. This …