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Flirty Skirty.

The Skirt from today's post is one of my New Flirty Skirts that I purchased earlier this Summer. I got this Black one & the Bright Green/Teal one that I paired with a Chambray Button-Down. They were about $9.50 each. They are Light, Cute, Girly (with the built-in, Butterfly, Cognac Belt) and have the Ultimate Girly Print which is always in fashion: Floral.

I paired this Skirt with a Tiered, Chiffon, Lavender Top, my Coral Earrings & those Fun, Spike, Neon Bracelets. Those Simple Sandals pick up the Red of the Skirt, the Floral Pattern and are also Silky. And once again my Sock Bun proves to be the Ultimate Hairstyle for me, on a real hot Summer Day. =) How do you like this Skirt? What do you think of this Outfit?

Short-Sleeve, Dusty Lavender Tee w/ Chiffon Pleating by the Neckline:The Limited. Black Floral, Crinkly Chiffon, Girly Skirt w/ Cognac, Butterfly Belt:A Local Boutique (New). Coral, Circle, Silk, Drop Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories. Dainty, Thin, Silver Chain Neck…