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Thursday Moda #157: Preppy. Patterned. Penny Loafers.

Welcome to the very first Thursday Moda of March!! How is it March already?! Worse yet, how is the first week of March gone?! And this first week of March has been super cold here. But it is supposed to get warm by Saturday and Sunday. Our temps have been as cold as 8 to 15 degrees in the morning but they have said with the windchill it feels as negative 2 or 3. This is 20 degrees less than what the temps are usually at this time of year, here in Michigan. But, we are Springing Forward this Sunday, which means the clocks go one hour ahead so the days will feel longer!
PREPPY,  PATTERNED,  PENNY  LOAFERS. Preppy, Patterned, Penny Loafers. Don't you love the alliteration in the title?! Indeed this outfit is both preppy and patterned and I am wearing a pair of penny loafers. It very much makes for a great office look, especially since I layered a Collared, Button-Down Blouse underneath my sweater. And of course I have on Dressy, Black, Jacquard Cropped Pants (they are by White House Bl…