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SheIn Peplum Sweater with lots of Layers.

I have received this 2-in-1 Peplum Sweater from SheIn with the built-in White Peplum Ruffle about a month ago and have worn it three times so far. One of the outfits is similar to this one with dark blue skinny jeans instead and a long pink tassel necklace but instead of white sneakers I wore black booties. Another outfit was with a black pencil skirt and black opaque tights (plus purple suede pumps) to work. I haven't had a chance to photograph any of those two other outfits, but I did manage to shoot this one, worn on a Friday off from work spending breakfast and early afternoon with my daughter, running some errands, going to Starbucks, etc. I must say I love this SheIn Sweater. For your information, I am wearing a Medium size since everything I have gotten from SheIn so far is a Medium (true size would be a Small because their clothes run small). However, this Sweater is very loose and flowy and I could have used the small.
As you can see from the photos (check the collage abov…