Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rainbow Color-block Sweater with Jeans and Pops of Yellow.

Today has been a Good Saturday. =) We went in for our Monthly Visit for Vivian where she was weighed & measured. I will share with you all of her growth next Saturday. Her visit went real well & she was good to the doctor, the whole time. Even after. I took her in with my Sister-in-Law. Then, I breastfed her in the car, after burping she fell asleep, so the three of us (after) sat down on the patio of a Cafe/Restaurant where we enjoyed a cappuccino out on the sun, right by the lake. She pretty much slept there through the entire time. Then, we ordered salmon & a shellfish salad to take home and the us girls plus my husband ate a delicious & healthy lunch, including a fresh Greens Salad that we made. Later in the evening around 6.00 PM we went outside again, all of us, had some tea & cookies/dessert and Vivian once again had a lovely nap, while out. Vivian has been real good today God bless her. After another later evening nap, I changed her, bathed her, breastfed her & she was in bed by 9.45 PM. This is actually a good/early bedtime for her. Let's not forget -  she is only 3 months old. As a matter of fact she turned 3 months old yesterday and today on Saturday she is exactly 13 weeks old. (Gosh, Where did 3 months go by?) Overall it was a great day. =)

I am giving these jeans another try. They look a little bit better this time I think because this Sweater is a little longer & slimmer but I am still not sure. I don't want to completely get rid of them and if I can get cheap alterations on them, I will (I will keep you updated). What do you think about the jeans? The sweater I love however. It is a Stretchy Knit, both Colorful & Comfy. I purchased it when I was about 6 months pregnant to wear after giving birth. This is my first time wearing it. It matches my New Headband & Comfy Leather Loafers real well. You will see a lot of photos today of Baby Vivian, too. =) So Enjoy!!

Multi-Colored, Stripped, Color-block, Stretchy, Knit, Scoop-neck Sweater: Gruppo Fiori.
Light Blue, Wide Jeans: Express.
Simple, Rhinestone, Square, Light Blue Stud Earrings: Forever 21.
Bright Yellow, Plastic, Bow Headband: Terra Nova.
Bright Yellow & Olive Green, Peacock-Print Bangle: Forever 21.
Cognac, Leather & Woven Belt (came with a pair of pants): Koton.
Yellow, Soft Leather, Buckled Loafers: Nine West.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink, Floral Print, Warm Fleece Swaddler: Carter.
Baby Pink Headband w/ Small Bow & a Sparkly Bear in the Middle: Disney Kids.

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