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Black, Boom, Bang!!

BLACK,  BOOM,  BANG!! I feel like I need to explain the title of this post. Well first of I am wearing black head to toe (which is rare for me - I love color) and look at this sexy black outfit: "boom", "bang" it it is all that and a fine glass or wine, no?! But on a deeper level, metaphorically the title of the post describes my thoughts now. It is half-way through January (a new year started a little over 2 weeks ago) and I have only posted TWO New Outfits so far in the New Year. Between being sick, cold sores that took forever to heal and personal things I have gone through, add on top of that temperatures of 15 degrees or lower and days in a row of freshly-fallen snow and icy roads and I haven't had the time, interest, nerves or thought about taking outfit photos. Heck, I haven't even worn any cute outfits or felt good about myself or the outfits I wore. But on Sunday - the day I wore this outfit and took these photos - I decided to get dressed up, wear …