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My Fashion Resume 2010: Part One - Special Occassion Dresses.

I love, love this time of the year. It is currently 2°Fernhait outside or about -16°Celsius but I am warm and cozy at my home, feeling the heat, looking at the Christmas lights, draped in my fleece sweat pants and hoodie. As cold and frosty as it is (it snowed pretty much all day, yesterday in Michigan), I love the harmony, light, peace and beauty this season has to offer, and I don't just mean the snow, the hot fireplaces, the hot cocoa, and the snowflakes. Since about Thanksgiving rolls over and December approaches I love the festive atmosphere at every store, every home, every neighborhood, on TV, the holiday specials, the fun and festive concerts, the Christmas Movies and Christmas Specials, everywhere, especially at the malls. And even-though I am super-duper busy this time of the year (every year), Christmas Season is my most favorite holiday and most favorite time of the year and December is my second most favorite month of the year (after May). I especially love this time…

Lovely Autumnish Grays.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Fabulous Fashionistas!! Did any of you shopped on the biggest shopping day in US - Black Friday? Is anyone of you doing any browsing, shopping or picking up Holiday gifts at any websites today for Cyber Monday? Well, I am a huge shopper as it is but I worked for about 16 hours on Black Friday and one of my jobs is in sales and retail so you can imagine how freaking busy my day was!? However, during a quick half an hour lunch I managed to pick up some lovely things at The Limited (a store I always love), which had an whole day of 40% off sale, so I beat the crowds and got the same deals at 7.30 P.M.! Ain't that beautiful? I got a beautiful beaded Jodi Arnold dress which was originally about 130$ and I paid less than 30$ for, a couple of sweaters, a pair of trousers, a cute blouse with a bow, 3 new headbands and a Kimono-inspired wrap, black dress with short sleeves. So much about relaxing, eating and actually chilling during a few solid minutes I had off …

Wrapped Up in Golden Lime-Yellow.

I love yellow. It is the color of THE Sun, Sunflowers as well as the color that reminds me of the beggining of Fall. Yellow is a happy, bright, pretty, fun & smiling color. During Autumn I like the more crisp, more rusty yellows with a tint of gold, or darker yellows like mustard or with a hint of caramel or bronze. I also love dresses, I kid you not I have at least 200 of them. I did a thorough cleaning out of my closet this summer and as I was hanging them, I counted them. I can do and I plan on doing several detailed posts on my dresses alone, and I will do so after the Holidays in the New Year as nowadays due to me working 65-70 hour weeks I barely have time to eat and sleep, let alone blog. LOL

As a matter of fact, I have an entire Facebook album dedicated to my 'Love Affair' with dresses. I would post a link of it here but that will ruin the surprise for when I plan on blogging about my dresses. =P I have several 'special closet' posts coming up, after Decemb…

Going-Out Blues.

If I told you I have at least 200 going-out tops would you believe me? Probably not? LOL But I seriously do. I just need to go out more often and I need more occassion, more date nights, more bar nights and fancier club evenings to wear them cause God only knows I have a huuuuuuuge wardrobe. =P

Most of my going-out tops are 'divided' into 5 categories. 1) Bustier, corset-style or tube tops. These are some of my favorite styles as God blessed me with an ample-size chest and womanly curves and they stay on me nicely despite being strapless, I don't feel naked or like I need to pull them up all night long. My most gorgeous bustiers and tube tops come from Bebe & White House/Black Market.  2) One-shoulder, one-sleeve, or assymetric tops. I love modern assymetry especially in a top or dress. I have so many one-shoulder or one-strap, one-armed tops from casual, to really fancy and some in between, mostly from Express, Bebe & The Limited. As a matter of fact my outfit of …

Pretty in Purple for Laura's Birthday.

Hello Bloggers, Friends, Fans & Fashionistas. I have been M.I.A. I know. I do apologize but I work 5 full daytime shifts and 5 (shorter) evening shifts so as you can tell my time is quite limited. LOL

So, this blogging thing is seriously a lot of fun but it requires A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME to do, whether it is time to take photos (and a person to take my photos, as I still can't manage self-taken pics because I don't have e Tripod), or time to pose, as well as time to write, upload the photos and basically blog about my outfits. And though I find time to check out and read other blogs, I still as of now November 11th 2010 don't have enough time in my day, my week, my month, my life to do this blogging thing every day. I am sorry. I am shooting for 2-4 blogs weekly, soon, but I know that with my crazy work schedule and working two jobs, my schedule will only get busier and crazier now during the Holiday season. But here is me tempting to blog nevertheless. =P
I do dres…