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A Little Red, A Little Blue and a Little Baby sporting some White Stripes.

Happy Monday & Happy Labor Day you all! I have had such a busy Party Weekend. Saturday all the Cousins (from my Mom's side of the Family - there is 9 of us altogether), went out to a Bar/Club with Our Spouses/Partners (well My Husband was missing since he is currently in Europe). I had the strongest Long Island I had ever tried and finished it off with a Mojito which was Delicious. But I am not gonna lie, I woke up with a headache and a little hung-over. Despite the fact that we went and grabbed breakfast at Denny's afterwards. I think that happened because 1. I rarely drink. 2. I haven't drank a cocktail in a year and a half or so. 3. I am getting old. Let's admit it, it's probably number 3. Guys, let me tell you, I was pooped, after I got home Saturday Night. I am not in my early or mid twenties anymore. I am a married woman and a mom. Keeping up with a young baby gets me tired as is. Then yesterday, one of my Cousins (from my Dad's side of the Family), g…