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Brown Silk Elegant Lady!

I swear since being pregnant, I am always hot. I want to know what feeling cold feels like again. I mean it. (And that is my current Facebook status, too). Seriously though, despite this rain business we have had these last 2-3 days, the only time I haven't felt so hot is late at night when I leave work and when the temperatures have dropped down significantly. But I feel like after the rain, the mugginess comes out. Also once I am inside I can't help but feel hot, too. Ehhh. And it's not like I have gained 20-30 lbs already. I mean at 6 months pregnant I measure pretty small. I am currently listening to "Dessert Rose" (on repeat) - I hadn't listened to that song in years and I love it - and I can't help but compare the title to the song to the current state of my body. Thankfully I will get to go home soon so between the walking and the waiting at the bus station real late in the evening, (which is cooler than the day) I might cool off for a bit.