Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Feature: ANJEZA - Chic European Elegance.

So, I decided to start a Weekly Feature (let's see how well it goes and how long it lasts; please pray for me.) Anyways I want to keep these Tuesday Blogs Sweet and Short because mostly I want the pictures to do the talking.

My First Tuesday Feature is dedicated to Anjeza (Anja) from Dolls Factory. I first 'met' or heard of Anjeza on a Best Dressed Feature hosted by Albania's version of Vogue, In Style or Marie Claire, the very popular magazine "Anabel". Anjeza's outfits were definitely some of the best and she made it to top 3 best-dressed girls and was eventually featured in the magazine with her own interview and photos (where her blog was mentioned as well.). Then, Anjeza and I started to talk on Facebook and we both found out that our love for fashion, runway, high style, great shoes and beautiful refined things, made us bonded and made us friends. I had logged on to Blogger for a while at the time but I mostly did some reading rather than blogging myself. Anjeza instilled the desire in me to blog and post fashion features and Outfits of the Day, myself. She even helped me with the layout and she has been my biggest supporter and most dedicated reader here on Blogger, from early on. Plus we have in common the fact that we are both from Albania. =)
What I find so fascinating about this girl is how uniquely beautiful she is (inside out) and that natural beauty combined with her love for Art, High Style, Fashion and Couture translates into the amazing outfits she puts together, daily. I also find her dedication and determination to blog and to have a very professional fashion website, very cool. She is ALWAYS ON THE KNOW about all the latest styles, what went on the runway, what are the newest trends, who are the newest designers to keep an eye on, what is in and what is out fashion-wise, where are the latest stores and boutiques being opened at, etc, etc. Not only is her website up and running, and updated daily if not several times a day with the latest products, styles, photos from magazines, boutiques and runways, she also has a Fashion/Style Facebook page which she updates several times a day, along her usual personal Facebook account. She is truly a Young Girl in a Big World, literally. She lives in one of the Capital Style Cities in the world, in Milan (Italy) but often travels all over Europe, leaving her air of chicness, her stamp of effortless style, her aura of beauty and her high couture eye, wherever she steps into, from Italy to Spain, from Turkey and Amsterdam to England.

You will see some of the photos I have chosen here of just some of her chic, awesome outfits. So you will get to see what I see and you'll decide for yourself. Anjeza has a TON of followers, hundreds and thousands of fans and people who adore her and her love for fashion, both on Blogger and on Facebook and how can she not, look at this girl. I am sure she will make it BIG one day in the world of Style and Couture. I would and could definitely let her style and dress me anytime of the day, gosh I wish we didn't live in two different continents, (though I will be in Europe, later this year). For a girl in her early twenties she is definitely on to something great, style-wise. =) If I would describe her style in one word it would be European-Chic. She loves Chanel, Louis Vutton, Donna Karan and other Classic Great Designers, but is able to replicate those by choosing clothes from brands like Mango, H&M, Zara and Gap. She rocks vintage clothes too but in a new modern era. It also helps that she has classic, natural beauty like Audrey Hepburn or Anne Hathaway. Her features are so pretty, her skin is porcelain-like, her hair shiny and smooth, her smile is beautiful and genuine. She has a great eye for unique as well as classic pieces which she throws together in a nifty thrifty way that would only be described as Anjeza's style. Here, below are just some of her Great Looks I adore. Enjoy!!