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A Little Paris, a Little Animalistic, a Little Layered.

Besides Leopard, Zebra, Python, Cheetah, Cow-Print & Alligator Skin what qualifies as Animal Print? I think even the items printed with actual Animals on them qualify, don't they?What about Ostrich & Houndstooth? Kind of? Well, I am an Animal-Print Lover, in particular a Leopard Lover. I lost count of how many pieces of Leopard I have. I seriously have over 40, including Leopard on my Accessories and Jewelry. I think I am only missing a Leopard Ring. Actually the Classic Brown/Black/Beige Leopard to me is a Neutral. I definitely treat it as such, especially when paired with Solids. For the Animal Print inspiration for last Thursday's Threads at "Work Clothes I Suppose" I wanted to take the more subtle, not-in-your-face Animal-Print route. I am once again wearing a Faux Fur Scarf in like a Gray/Smoke Color. I couldn't really point the Animal Print to you exactly. Could it be in the ferocious cat family I am not sure. It is definitely Animalistic though. An…